• What services or products do we offer?

              • Besides the free receive sms online service on our homepage http://receivesmsonline,com, We offer another 4 kinds of paid services
                • Phone Verification Service  

                  • We offer sms verification service for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Microsoft and so on.  If not listed,please contact us for a trial.
                  • These U,S, Phone numbers can only be used on your bought item. For example, if you buy phone verificaiton numbers for Facebook, then these numbers can only be used for Facebook, not for Twitter verificaiton. 
                  • These phone numbers are guaranteed for 2 months . During 2 months period, you can use these numbers to receive unlimited messages. 
                  • We suggest that 1 number only for 1 account.  If 1 number is used for several accounts, all the accounts may be blocked.  
                  • We can give Full Replacement for none-working numbers.
                • Virtual Phone Numbers

                  • We offer virtual phone numbers from U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, HongKong and so on. 
                  • These numbers are valid for 1 month. You can pay more for them if you want to keep them for more time. Or you can renew them after they expire. 
                  • These numbers can receive unlimited messages for free from mutiple sites. But we do not guarantee that these numbers working with any site. Refund was NOT supported for not being able receive verificaiton code from specific site.
                • Phone Verified Accounts

                  • We offer cheap phone verified accounts listed below
                    • Google Voice : Google's Virtual Phone Numbers, it's a U.S. numbe, can receive&send sms to U.S. and Canada for free. It can also receive calls with the U.S. Virtual Phone Number. 
            • How Will We Deliver the Services?

              • For buyes using PayPal, we will deliver the numbers to your PayPal email address within 24 hours, some may need to wait for up to 48 hours. DO NOT waste time using FRAUD paypal account or credit card, we will not send numbers to you. 
              • For buyes using BTC or PM, please email us your order details and we will reply with the numbers. 
            • What Payment Method do We Support?

              • PayPal: Buy directly from the list on the right. Sometimes may not being able to pay, please call PayPal for support. And Credit Card not accept. 
              • Bitcoin: Bitcoin Wallet address: 1AqvGmmVAHumFamqQM3NunVBQKBaq6PK3Z. Calculate with the tool http://preev.com . 

                bitcoin Scan the picture to make payment.
              • PerfectMoney: Buy bitcoin with Perfect Money from http://pm2btc.me/ and send the bitcoin to our wallet.
              • WestUnion: Contact for details. 
              • WebMoney: Adding soon. 
            • How to Contact Us?

              • Email: receivesmsonlines@gmail.com (best way to contact us)
              • Skype: njuluke 
              • WhatsApp: Not available any more

Email: receivesmsonlines@gmail.com
Skype: njuluke
Services Descriptions Prices
Phone Verification Service - U.S. Phone Numbers
  • All U.S. Phone Numbers, only For SMS Verification
  • About Facebook Verification: Only For Old Facebook Accounts. New Accounts will be temporarily locked when verified by the numbers. And you will be asked to upload your Gov ID photo to Unlock the accounts
  • Contact for the valid time please
  • Private and Exclusive, nobody will use the same number for same site
  • Receive Unlimited Verification Codes for Selected Sites For free
  • Full Replacement for non-working numbers.
  • API Supported
  • If the sites you want to verify are not listed, send email to receivesmsonlines@gmail.com.

Popular Items
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Regular Items
The more, The cheaper
New US numbers
  • New Batches of U.S. numbers
    • Working for Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Naver, Facebook, WeChat etc. Check the list on the right.
    • Guarantee for 1 month
    • Guarantee replacement for unworking numbers
    Virtual Phone Numbers
    • For Facebook and Google's verification, Please contact with us first. They both have a strict policy on verification.
    • Virtual Phone Numbers from U.S., Canada, U.K, Sweden, Only for receiving SMS, not for sending SMS and receiving Call.
    • Valid for 1 Month, Numbers will expire after 1 month if not renewed
    • Private and Exclusive,nobody will share the same number.
    • Receive Unlimited messages from multiple sites
    • Guaranteed for receiving sms from normal mobile number, but there is no guarantee of 100% working for specific sites' verification purpose.
    • We will NOT refund for not being able to get sms verification code from specific sites like WhatsApp or PayPal as some sites blocked virtual phone numbers.
    • Numbers will be delivered to you together with a link, all messages sent to the number will be shown in the page related to the number.

    Country: U.S., Canada, Spain
    The More The Cheaper

    Country: U.K.,Sweden
    The More The Cheaper

    Country: NO,DE,Estonia,FI,PL,Switzerland
    The More The Cheaper

    The More The Cheaper
  • Google Voice Numbers
    • Google Voice Numbers are virtual U.S. numbers offered by Google, Now only U.S. people can create a Google Voice account
    • You can receive&send messages/make&receive calls from&to U.S./Canada phone numbers for free.
    • Google Voice numbers will not expire unless google cancel this service
    • Google Voice Numbers works with Craigslist and some other sites' verification.
    • We provider google voice numbers in following format 'Username, Password, Recovery Email, Google Voice Number'. 
  • Apple/itunes ID, Apple Store Account
    • You can use Apple ID from different areas to download free Apps.
    Google Voice Numbers
    Apple ID
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